Vivaldi 2.3: Focus on details

Weโ€™re wrapping up 2018 with a new update that improves accessibility, navigation and media experience.

Today weโ€™re releasing a new version of Vivaldi, our last big update of the year. To end 2018 on a high note, we give you a browser that continues its strong focus on customisation both in terms of functionality and interface.

The update introduces more unique ways to manage tabs, makes Access Keys easier to use, integrates Pop Out video, and makes the browserโ€™s toolbars more configurable.

Download Vivaldi

We are creating a browser that fits you. This has been our goal from the very start. Vivaldi does not confine users to pre-determined and locked settings in the name of simplicity. In fact, Vivaldi is built upon a strong and extensible foundation that gives you the opportunity to tailor the browser to your preferences down to every minute detail.

We know our users love the flexibility that Vivaldi offers. Itโ€™s easy to customize and offers several unique options like how to group tabs, viewing tabs side-by-side, taking Notes with full page screenshots, changing the look and feel of the browser with custom Themes, enabling/disabling search suggestions and more.

Tabs get more functionality

Vivaldiโ€™s in-depth tab management options give you multiple ways to access and manage tabs effectively. Our latest version continues to raise the bar and set Vivaldi apart from the rest.

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