Breaking news: Bitcoins $2.46 trillion dollar backer! Monfex is a new player in crypto trading!

Our dear crypto friend Mr Kristof shares his insights again.

Do not underestimate his news:

  • he is not a financial crypto adviser
  • he ain’t a flakey ICO or STO
  • he loves his work and loves to share

“So what is he?” i hear you ask. “Why should we thrust his news?”

Well, because this man is a real crypto MINER. And a real pro at it! As a miner you see the crypto world through other lenses. And i follow this guy for a year now and he is almost always SPOT ON. At the same time he makes quite a nice show and he is awfully funny at times. I personally most like his tours around his farm. You see, i am a geek so yeah, I LOVE IT.


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