Help Julian NOT to die:

In reaction to the following video Pam K did her helping hand (see her writing below the video)

By Pam K 18 hours ago:

Just spoke to Belmarsh Prison 0208 331 4400 and was told the following:

1. You can send Mr Julian Assange a money order of up to ยฃ250.00, out of which he will be allowed ยฃ15.50 a week for in prison purchases and phone calls

2. You must make the money order out to HM PRISON SERVICES

3. Mail the money order in an envelope addressed to:
Mr Julian Assange DOB 03/07/1971
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
London SE28 0EB

4. You must write on the money order your name and address, most important! Also, ensure you write for Mr Julian Assangeโ€™s Account DOB 03/07/1971 on the actual money order.

5. If you wish to send him books or items of clothing (no logos allowed) one can post them/have them delivered in the first 28 days after his conviction. But you can only send books to him via WH Smith or Waterstones, NOT Amazon. Again his name and DOB 03/07/1971 must in the address details. As it is near to the 28 days since his conviction, the only way thereafter that he can receive books or allowed items is to deliver them in person yourself to the prison reception according to the following schedule:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays both morning and afternoons:
Morning: between 9:15 to 10:15
Afternoon: between 14:15 to 15:15
Fridays Mornings only: between 9:15 to 10:15
Sunday Afternoons only: between 14:15 to 15:15
Saturdays and Mondays this service is not available.

6. He is not allowed stamps to be sent. You can write to him in the prescribed manner including a stamped self-addressed envelope for your own personal reply, but your name and address on the reply envelope must be in ink, not pencil. He is not allowed stamps or stationary etc from outside sources but must buy the items from the prison shop itself.

7. The prison receptionists I spoke to were most helpful and pleasant. They said to please phone for any further information. My comment is they will answer your questions but will not give any other information unless directly asked. I had to phone back for the specific HMP Prison name to be written on the money order, ie HM Prison Services with one’s name and address to be written on it and Julian Assange’s name and DOB: 03/07/1971, to ensure he gets the money order’s amount credited into his prison account. When asking how to get money to him without having his prison number they did not tell me this, they just said a money order could be sent. I had to phone back as I did not think to ask this at the time of my first phone call for the correct name to be put on the money order. He is not allowed to receive postal orders or money directly.

8. All letters to him are read before he receives them. The best way to write to him and send him a letter and card to cheer him up is to send it in an unsealed envelope addressed to him, inside a sealed envelope addressed to him at the HMP Belmarsh Prison address above.

9. Online Payment: One cannot send any money to Julian Assange online unless one has his prison number for the prison serviceโ€™s computer to correctly assign that payment to his specific prison account. The only way you can obtain his prison number is to write to him, and if he replies with it you can pay him that way. But the money order method is better, as really only close friends and family should have access to his prison number.

Please copy and paste the above to other YouTube videos whose subject is Julian Assange as he needs our support.

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