HiddenWasp🐝Chinese⁉️ Linux Trojan

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ip and

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HiddenWasp Malware Stings Targeted Linux Systems.
by Ignacio Sanmillan

• Intezer has discovered a new, sophisticated malware that we have named “HiddenWasp”, targeting Linux systems.

• The malware is still active and has a zero-detection rate in all major anti-virus systems.

• Unlike common Linux malware, HiddenWasp is not focused on crypto-mining or DDoS activity. It is a trojan purely used for targeted remote control.

• Evidence shows in high probability that the malware is used in targeted attacks for victims who are already under the attacker’s control, or have gone through a heavy reconnaissance.

• HiddenWasp authors have adopted a large amount of code from various publicly available open-source malware, such as Mirai and the Azazel rootkit. In addition, there are some similarities between this malware and other Chinese malware families, however the attribution is made with low confidence.

source: https://www.intezer.com/blog-hiddenwasp-malware-targeting-linux-systems/

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