How to make a song anno 2019

Ok, today i not post music.. but how it is MADE! This is a sweet example of a kitchen where they make sweet songs for us to chew on.

(this song is going big, created a few weeks ago)

And for the regular, yes sorry this is a bit of a re-post.

He used a Teenage Engineering OP-1 sampler. Yeah sorry, i know it is NOT a sampler, u grandma stop cry please. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway the song is made by this dude Yuri Wong:


He is from Malaysia and he makes all kinds of songs in his studio.

Let me also share with you a full and finished version of his awesome song:

And here some info on his workflow:

Thank you Yuri for sharing all this lovely work you do with us! Good luck to ya!

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