Silkworm hate and fear, China

Can you believe that in this day and age, 2019, there are still people that speak of their disaproval, hate and maybe also fear of this part of the world. Some might call it jealousy. Me personally does not understand how one could claim that we are โ€œnot that savageโ€. But maybe it is true. Watching these poor silkworms been cooked to death i can only wonder what would be needed to really be called a nature lover. Other than that i will, like you, donate my blood and bones to mother earth once i die. May the hate flow with the water to the sea. So it can wash away all the pain, suffering and greed. Have a nice day and enjoy silk instead of plastic.

This above video is shared to you by me andย ๆŽๅญๆŸ’

China is the first country to invent silkworm rearing in the world. Silk is also a symbol of ancient oriental culture. Ever since we were young we raised silkworms at home, It looks like winter is coming, use this late autumnโ€™s silkworm cocoons to make a quilt, for grandma to spend the winter in warmth.

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