Time for a Chemistry session

Hi people, it is one of those days again. We are going to ‘up’ our knowledge about Antimony. Our dear Estonian Youtuber and scientific photographer Maxim Bilovitskiy shows us on his Russian Youtube channel all about this amazing metal called Antimony:

In this video I would like to tell you about such an unusual element as antimony. This element belongs to group 15 and to the so-called semimetal series of the periodic table. From a chemistry point of view antimony is rather a metal. It means that it easily oxidizes or in other words it gives its electrons and it even looks like metal. Metallic antimony is silvery and can easily be confused with bismuth. However, in contrast to other metals that are good heat and electricity conductors, antimony doesnโ€™t provide electricity well. Because of such a property it was added on to nonmetals. Even scientists still canโ€™t decide if antimony is a metal or not. Nevertheless, antimony as an element shouldnโ€™t be confused with stibnite that is its natural mineral – antimony trisulfide. Since ancient times women have used stibnite in powdered form to darken their eyebrows and eyelashes. Because of that, nowadays, the word stibnite is often associated with cosmetics. Of course nowadays antimony trisulfide is rarely used because its compounds are toxic to people. For instance now antimony trisulfide is used to make watch heads. It is stibnite that antimony is extracted from by melting of the mineral with further reduction of the oxide to the elementary antimony.

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