YouTube manually dumbs U down ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

There are still people who think YouTube is a honest so called “don’t be evil” company.

Well here is a nice and neat example of how dishonorable they really are:

Sure, YouTube is cool.

And yeah there is still a lot to learn over there. I wish they finally saw the light and get rid of their mindless zombie video’s following silly commercial brain-dead trends. Serve us more educational and “real” stuff.

Maybe i wouldn’t mind to see YouTube let us free on what we can post and talk about at all.

Since the big, bad, costly and fast “boyz and gurlz” took over the ABC company (google) they sold their soul to the devil, the corrupt and the power hungry.

The days that u can let your kids safe and alone on YouTube are long gone!

Well that is first of all, obviously, to blame on the bucket-load of little devils that post crap all day and night.

Note that i did study the “YouTube for kids” mobile device app a month ago and i have to admit: nice work there YouTube, looks quite safe and cool! But please leave our kids alone!

Nah you know what. It ain’t no secret. Big corps target children for their commercial activities. Children are more easy to lure… a fact.

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